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Facial Plastic Surgery

Happy WomanFacial rejuvenation can encompass many goals: fostering a harmonious balance between the facial features, correcting signs of age and exhaustion, and creating a more defined facial profile are just some of the objectives that can be achieved with facial plastic surgery. Dr Vaneshri Chetty-B offers several procedures that can be personalised to highlight your natural beauty while retaining the inherent character of your face.


Eyelids surgery (blepharoplasty)

ModelCommonly known as ‘eyelid surgery,’ blepharoplasty is a procedure designed to refresh the upper-third of the face by reducing signs of age and exhaustion. Over time, the skin and fat surrounding the eyelids can begin to droop, causing patients to look more tired or stressed than they actually are. Blepharoplasty can be performed on the upper and/or lower eyelids to smooth the eyelid contours, correct upper eyelid ‘hooding,’ and generally achieve a brighter appearance.

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ModelsRhinoplasty is a cosmetic nose surgery designed to help improve facial balance and increase overall harmony between surrounding facial features. This highly popular procedure can resize/reshape the nose, straighten a bump in the nasal bridge, and adjust the angle of the nasal tip, among other aesthetic goals. Rhinoplasty can also be performed to correct a deviated septum and improve airflow, if necessary.

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Facial Fat Transfer

Facial fat transfer, or “fat grafting,” can be an incredibly effective way to revitalise your facial appearance. This rejuvenation technique involves transferring excess fat cells—typically taken from the abdomen or the thighs via liposuction—to the face for a natural filler consisting of your own tissue. The reintroduced fat is then meticulously injected to improve scarring and acne scars, enhance facial contours, replenish lost volume, and stimulate collagen production.

Facial fat transfer utilises your own fatty tissue, therefore there is generally no risk of an allergic reaction from injections. Another ancillary benefit of fat grafting is that the region being used to harvest excess fat, such as the abs, thighs, or waist, can also be contoured simultaneous to your facial rejuvenation. Plus, results from facial fat transfer are known to last longer than volume-enhancing dermal fillers.

Surgical Lip Lift

Do you wish your lips were more defined, youthful, or pronounced? A surgical lip lift is an innovative procedure that can enhance the shape of your lips and increase your “lip show,” giving patients the opportunity to attain a more sensual pout. There are many individuals who may benefit from a lip lift, including those who desire a more voluptuous lip contour and patients who seek results that last longer than fillers.

Depending on your goals, a lip lift is generally performed through a small incision made along the undersurface of the nose. This incision is usually placed along the natural crease where the nose meets the upper lip, allowing a virtually undetectable scar. A small strip of tissue in the shape of a bullhorn is removed and the edges of the incision are brought together, subtly lifting the upper lip and making it appear larger/fuller. While this subnasal or “bullhorn” technique is most common for the lip lift procedure, the best approach for you depends on your concerns and wishes for the outcome.


If you or your child is troubled by a large, protruding, or asymmetrical ear shape, otoplasty may be an excellent procedure to resize the ears and create a more proportionate facial appearance. Ear surgery, or otoplasty, is capable of addressing the positioning, shape, and proportions of the ear to obtain a more balanced look. The procedure can also correct any birth defects in the ear structure, as well as pin back ears that tend to stick out.

It is not uncommon for children to be teased by others due to a dominating or protruding ear appearance. For this reason, children can typically undergo the procedure with the consent of a legal guardian once the majority of ear development has been completed. Dr Chetty-B would be happy to evaluate you or your child to determine whether the otoplasty procedure may be a beneficial treatment option.

There is a diverse range of facial plastic surgery procedures that can allow your appearance to reflect how you feel on the inside. Contact our Johannesburg practice today to schedule an appointment with Dr Chetty-B, or to speak with a friendly member of our team.


ModelA facelift is perhaps the most powerful procedure available that can reduce key indicators of age, such as volume loss, facial folds, wrinkles, and skin laxity. By restoring the internal support that allows the face to look full and youthful, facelift surgery can correct jowls, creases, loose skin, and other visible signs of aging. With optimal treatment, many patients report looking up to ten years younger after their procedure.

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Neck Lift

Neck lift surgery is designed to correct loose or hanging skin under the chin—an aesthetic commonly referred to as a “turkey neck.” This procedure can be a highly effective treatment option for patients who struggle with horizontal bands and/or sagging neck skin. However, since the face and neck often age at the same rate, a neck lift alone usually cannot provide as powerful of an improvement as a joint facelift and neck lift procedure. In most cases, a combination facelift/neck lift treatment plan is necessary to comprehensively smooth jowls in the lower face and achieve a more youthful facial appearance. Dr Chetty-B often recommends a neck lift combined with facelift surgery to help ensure total rejuvenation.

The neck lift procedure generally involves an inconspicuous incision placed around the ear, under the chin, or near the hairline of the sideburn depending on your needs. Loose skin is then smoothed while the muscle layer of the neck, known as the platysma, is tightened if necessary. Fat deposits may also be repositioned if you show signs of jowling. If a “double chin” or excess fat buildup are also factors you would like to improve, Dr Chetty-B may recommend combining a neck lift with liposuction of the neck. In any case, she can help develop the best treatment plan for your concerns after your initial consultation.

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