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Breast Surgery

Our aesthetic and reconstructive breast procedures can accomplish an array of cosmetic goals to achieve your ideal look—from enhancing volume, improving contours, and resolving asymmetry to addressing the symptoms of an overly large breast size. No matter what improvements you may seek, Dr Vaneshri Chetty-B can develop a customised treatment plan to attain your desired breast size and shape.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular and universally performed cosmetic surgeries in the world. Through placement of silicone implants, breast augmentation can achieve a natural-looking enhancement in the size, shape, fullness, and contour of your breasts. The procedure is completely personalised according to your needs and wishes for the outcome, often resulting in improvements to your overall body contour and silhouette.

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Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

If you are seeking a milder breast enhancement, fat transfer breast augmentation can add subtle volume to the breasts using your own tissue. This technique is designed to take excess fat from elsewhere on the body—typically the abdomen, thighs, or buttocks—and re-inject it into the breasts, resulting in a modest increase in breast volume. Fat transfer to the breasts can be utilised to refine the breast contours and/or provide more coverage for the edges of an implant.

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Breast Lift

A breast lift, or mastopexy, can correct sagging breast tissue—medically referred to as breast ptosis—to restore a more youthful breast appearance. If you’ve experienced a loss of shape and/or your breasts droop below the breast fold, mastopexy can be performed to lift the positioning of the breasts, as well as the nipples and areolas, to achieve a more rejuvenated look. Depending on your goals, implants can also be placed at the same time as breast lift surgery to further improve a loss of shape and volume.

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Breast Reduction

If large, heavy breasts are causing you to experience back pain, difficulty exercising, skin irritation, or the other symptoms of an excessive breast size, breast reduction can help you enjoy life free from the physical strains of dominating breasts. This procedure is often known as one of the most rewarding cosmetic surgeries available, and can allow you to attain a breast size that is more proportional to your body frame.

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Male Breast Reduction

Male breast reduction can be performed for patients who experience gynecomastia, which is defined as the overdevelopment of male breast tissue. Gynecomastia is a relatively common condition that often resolves as men undergo puberty; however, visible male breasts that linger into adulthood can cause psychological symptoms such as embarrassment, a negative self-image, and a lack of self-confidence. Male breast reduction offers a gynecomastia treatment capable of restoring the flat planes of the chest for a more masculine appearance.

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Nipple Reduction/Inverted Nipples

ModelAt The Forever Institute, Dr Chetty-B can also perform breast surgery to improve the size/appearance of the nipples and areolas. Two of the most common nipple revision procedures are nipple reduction and inverted nipple correction.

Nipple Reduction

While it is perfectly normal and natural for the nipple-areolar complexes to vary in shape, size, and color, some patients may want to improve the appearance of large, stretched, or puffy nipples. Nipple reduction can be a very simple procedure to decrease the diameter of the nipples and provide a more proportional, aesthetic size in relation to your breasts.

In general, this technique can reduce the nipples via a small incision made along the natural border of the areolas. A small piece of tissue is removed and your areola is then sutured back together using dissolvable stitches. The entire procedure often takes no longer than one hour, and can be performed alone or at the same time as a breast lift or breast reduction.

Inverted Nipple Correction

Inverted nipples generally don’t present a medical necessity, but they can cause a cosmetic concern for some patients and potentially make it difficult to breastfeed. If your nipples are drawn into the areola rather than projected outward, an inverted nipple procedure is a minor surgery that can correct the appearance of retracted nipples. This is achieved by releasing the overly tight ducts of the nipples, which is the reason why some nipples appear inverted. Inverted nipple correction only requires a small incision on the border of the nipple, and can be performed under either local or general anaesthesia.

Learn more about the plastic surgery procedures offered at our Johannesburg practice. Don’t hesitate to contact The Forever Institute for more information about which treatment(s) can help you achieve your aesthetic goals.