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Body Contouring Surgery

BodyThe supportive structures of the body often lose volume and elasticity as we age, resulting in natural transformations to the body shape. Common aesthetic concerns faced by patients include the development of excess skin, stubborn pockets of fat, and muscle laxity. Dr Vaneshri Chetty-B—our skilled plastic surgeon in Johannesburg—offers a myriad of body contouring procedures designed to reverse these tissue changes and bring your desired physique to the surface.


Liposuction is one of the most simple and effective techniques to reshape virtually any region of the body. While excess fat is often difficult or impossible to reduce with dieting and exercise alone, liposuction can be a dynamic procedure to selectively smooth bulges of fat in the abdomen, waist, upper arms, thighs or back, among many other areas of the body. Best of all, liposuction typically does not lead to major scarring or downtime after the procedure.

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Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, is designed to remove excess skin and tighten loose musculature in the abdomen. This can improve a hanging or protruding abdominal contour caused by pregnancy, weight gain, genetic predisposition, or the aging process. With different variations of the procedure available based on the extent of your concerns, tummy tuck surgery is often described as the most powerful technique to slim, tighten, and firm the abdomen.

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Brazilian Butt Lift

If you seek a fuller, more voluptuous buttock contour, Dr Chetty-B offers a Brazilian Butt Lift to enhance the shape and projection of your backside. This form of augmentation uses your own fatty tissue to add volume to the buttocks, often eliminating the need for implants or dermal fillers. In addition, utilising a patient’s own tissue to enhance the buttocks can typically achieve longer-lasting results when compared to cosmetic injectables.

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Genital Rejuvenation

Genital plastic surgery can resolve functional and cosmetic issues in the intimate regions depending on your individual concerns. In addition to addressing some types of sexual dysfunction, such as twisting and tugging of stretched tissue as well as pain during intercouse, rejuvenation of the genitals can help improve a patient’s appearance and confidence. Dr. Chetty-B offers procedure options for both men and women seeking rejuvenation.

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Body Lift

A body lift involves a series of procedures performed to improve the tone and shape of the structures that support the skin. While many patients interested in a body lift simply wish to correct a sagging appearance caused by age, genetics, or poor tissue elasticity, a body lift is also often performed for those who would like to remove excess skin left after massive weight loss or bariatric surgery. A body lift is sometimes considered the last step in one’s weight loss journey and can be a very fulfilling stage in the process of becoming your best self.

This comprehensive treatment plan is customised according to an individual’s unique needs, therefore the procedures included in a body lift vary from patient to patient. In most cases, a body lift may incorporate some combination of a tummy tuck, buttock lift, thigh lift, and/or arm lift. Dr Chetty-B will explain every step of the process to you and create a personalised surgical plan tailored to restore a smoother body contour within the context of your goals.

Arm Lift

Many men and women experience a loss of shape in the upper arms as they age, resulting in a dimpled or sagging appearance. An arm lift, also referred to as brachioplasty, aims to tighten the underlying structures that support the arm shape, producing a leaner and more defined contour. At our Johannesburg practice, the arm lift procedure can:

This resculpting of the arm is accomplished through an incision made either along the inner arm, the back of the arm, or the underarm. Dr Chetty-B can evaluate your concerns to determine the best technique for your needs and preferences. An arm lift can be performed alone or in combination with other procedures as part of a body lift.

Thigh Lift

BodyLike an arm lift, a thigh lift is designed to tighten the supportive structures of the thighs by minimizing excess skin and fat. This can reduce skin dimpling, as well as achieve improved proportions in the lower body. Whether performed alone or in conjunction with other skin tightening procedures, thigh lift surgery can:

The thigh lift procedure can target the inner and/or outer thighs depending on your goals for the outcome. Incisions are typically made along the natural contours of the groin to reduce the visibility of scarring after surgery.

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