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“Was absolutely amazing – you may publish my name, your service is absolutely amazing and very professional from the booking of the appointment and the follow up appointments, the procedure is explained properly very satisfied”

Mrs Caroline van Tonder


Mr Phillip Fishpen

“I received professional assistance and brilliant workmanship was done on my 23 month old baby. I would truly recommend dr Chetty-B to anybody that I know I will surly use her myself when I have the funds. The after surgery is also very effective and caring. Thank you Dr Chetty-B for everything you have done for us. The Taylor family. Mrs Louise Taylor”

Mother of Jason Taylor

“I am always happy to visit the rooms of Dr Chetty. Dr Chetty entered my life at a time a guess we need someone like Dr Chetty. At first, I felt like a car that got fixed because I couldn’t remember having after surgery chat with her. I however stand corrected, the anaesthetic had a weird effect on me I now realize. Since then, I have found her to be very caring as well as highly capable as a plastic surgeon. I have not done much business with plastic surgeons but I would rank her No 1. This is based on overall experience. When an appointment is scheduled, being gently reminded that they are looking forward to seeing you. Being welcomed by name and face recognition by the receptionist Hannes and Karen. The cherry on the cake is the consultation with Dr Chetty which always leaves one comforted and at ease. My eye is slowly recovering and largely thanks to the nimble fingers and quick mind of Dr Chetty. Thanks”

Mr Percy Mosedie

“My breasts look wonderful! Dr Chetty-B’s pleasant nature and interest in my issues really helped me relax from the first consultation till the end. I had a great experience.”