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Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

While fat transfer is often used as a facial rejuvenation technique to smooth wrinkles and replace lost volume, the procedure can also be utilised to enhance the contours of the breasts. Fat transfer breast augmentation is designed to harvest fatty tissue from another region of the body and repurpose the fat cells for breast enhancement. This can allow patients to enjoy a mild increase in breast volume without an implant. Fat transfer can also be performed in conjunction with implant placement during standard breast augmentation to further optimise the outcome. If you are interested in this technique, our experienced plastic surgeon can evaluate your concerns and assess your goals to determine whether you could benefit from fat transfer breast augmentation. 

Who is a Candidate For Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

Also known as a “natural breast augmentation,” fat transfer to the breasts can be an excellent treatment option for patients who:

It’s important to note that fat transfer alone cannot create a dramatic or powerful enhancement in one’s breast size. In pursuing the procedure, patients should be healthy enough to undergo surgery and have no uncontrolled medical conditions. Dr Vaneshri Chetty-B will fully discuss the details and risks of fat transfer breast augmentation with you so you have realistic expectations of what can be achieved during surgery. 

How is the Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Procedure Performed?

Fat transfer breast augmentation generally involves two stages: the harvesting of excess fatty tissue from a fat-rich region of the body, and the injection of fat into the breasts. During an outpatient procedure, Dr Chetty-B will collect fat from the abdomen, hips, buttocks, or thighs via liposuction. The location of the harvested fat will vary depending on how much augmentation is desired and which area is most amenable to fat transfer. The fat cells will then be processed, purified, and prepared for injection into the breast contours. Dr Chetty-B will carefully deliver the collected fat into the appropriate areas to enhance contours and/or correct asymmetry. Since not all fat cells will survive the transfer process, Dr Chetty-B may inject a larger amount of fat to account for the tissue that is reabsorbed over time. 

What is Recovery From Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Like?

The fat transfer technique typically leads to a relatively smooth recovery period from breast augmentation. Most patients can return to light activities and non-strenuous work after four to seven days. Some swelling is expected, but any discomfort can be easily controlled with ice packs and oral pain medication. While the breasts may seem fuller or more swollen than anticipated, this typically resolves as some fat is reabsorbed and the body continues to heal. Exercise and strenuous work responsibilities should be avoided for at least four weeks. 

Fat transfer to the breasts can help you achieve a subtle yet natural breast augmentation. For more information about this procedure or our other breast surgeries, please contact our Johannesburg practice to schedule a consultation.